Seven  Best Plants For A Rain Garden

Purple Coneflower

This native perennial produces vibrant purple flowers that attract pollinators and thrive in moist soil.


A tall, native grass that is drought-tolerant once established and helps stabilize soil while absorbing excess water.

Swamp Milkweed

This milkweed species thrives in wet soils and attracts butterflies, making it both beautiful and beneficial for wildlife.

Cardinal Flower

This striking red-flowered plant loves moist soils and adds a splash of color to rain gardens, attracting hummingbirds.

Marsh Marigold

A wetland-loving plant with bright yellow flowers that bloom in early spring, adding cheer to rain gardens.

Blue Flag Iris

A native iris species that thrives in wet soils, producing beautiful blue-purple flowers in spring.


This plant gets its name from the shape of its pink or white flowers, resembling a turtle's head. It grows well in moist conditions and attracts pollinators.

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