The Most Fascinating Forests In The World

The leaves of the Australian fan palm, which is native to northern Queensland, grow up to six feet (2m) long to form a near-perfect circle. 

Daintree National Park

Unusually, the branches of the hundred beech trees in the Spanish forest of Otzarreta grow up rather than out.


Part of the northern Appalachians, the White Mountain National Forest was established in 1918 under the Weeks

White Mountain National Forest

A mountain range in the remote republic of Buryatia in southern Siberia, the Sayan once served as a border between Russia and Mongolia.

Eastern Sayan

The only eucalyptus species to grow in rainforests, the rainbow eucalyptus is native to Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

 Relatively isolated, Irati’s environments range from forests to wetlands, and from subalpine meadows to Atlantic heaths.


The umbrella-like covering captures moisture, provides shade and reduces evaporation, allowing seeds to grow beneath adult trees.

Dragon’s Blood Forest

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