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These 10 Things Could Damage Your Relationship With Your Kid

Lack of Communication:

Not listening to your child or not being open and honest in your communication can create barriers in your relationship.


Reacting too strongly to your child's actions or emotions can make them feel misunderstood or afraid to express themselves.

Ignoring Their Feelings:

Dismissing or belittling your child's feelings can lead to resentment and a lack of trust.

Comparing Them to Others:

Constantly comparing your child to their siblings or peers can damage their self-esteem and create feelings of inadequacy.

Being Overly Critical:

Constant criticism can erode your child's self-confidence and make them feel unloved.

Lack of Boundaries:

Not setting clear boundaries or consistently enforcing rules can lead to confusion and resentment in your relationship.

Not Being Present:

Being physically or emotionally absent can make your child feel neglected and unimportant.

Being Overly Controlling:

Trying to control every aspect of your child's life can lead to rebellion and a strained relationship.


Expecting too much from your child can create pressure and feelings of failure.

Not Showing Affection:

Failing to show love and affection can make your child feel unloved and disconnected from you.