These 2 Drinks Can Slow Your Brain's Aging

You're in luck if you adore sipping coffee or chocolate in the winter. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research found that both of these beverages reduce cognitive decline

The research examines case-controlled studies from Bordeaux and Dijon, France, examining food-related metabolic events in 842 dementia-free participants.

Over 12 years, individuals' diets and neuropsychological tests were monitored for cognitive decline. Researchers examined individuals' gut flora

Polyphenol-rich meals, cocoa, coffee, mushrooms, and red wine protected against cognitive deterioration. More research is needed to understand

how caffeine (in coffee) affects cognitive decline, but the two study populations showed consistent patterns with these foods and how they alter metabolism

Previous research have linked metabolic syndrome and cognitive impairment to inadequate gut flora. A recent Nutrients review links gut

microbes to cognitive performance and shows how a healthy stomach affects brain function.

Coffee and hot cocoa can improve mental health, but dietary components can cause cognitive deterioration. This study also shows how artificial

sweeteners and alcohol can accelerate cognitive decline. Red wine contains antioxidants that can improve health, and the world's healthiest people drink it

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