This Red Flowering Plant Is A Hummingbird Magnet

Firecracker Plant

The firecracker plant, known scientifically as Russelia Equisetiformis or commonly called the fountainbush is a top choice for attracting hummingbirds

A Long Blooming Season

One  advantage of firecracker plant is its lengthy blooming period, decorating your garden with vibrant red flowers from spring to summer.

Ideal For Warmer Climates

The firecracker plant’s origin from Central America and Mexico hints at its preference for warmer weather


It flourishes under the sun, with its growth peaking during the hottest months of the year. This plant can become a staple in your garden, attracting local hummingbird populations.

Hummingbirds Love Color

It’s no secret that hummingbirds are drawn to bright colors, with red being particularly attractive.

Easy Care Meets Great Rewards

It doesn’t demand much beyond the basic needs of sunlight, a little water, and occasional trimming.

Growing Firecracker

Growing the firecracker plant offers a rewarding experience. It provides personal satisfaction when you see these beautiful birds making regular visits.

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