Top 8 Coolest Looking Animals

These creatures are not only unique in appearance but also possess exceptional qualities that make them truly remarkable in the animal kingdom.


These infamous vicious predators have semi-retractable claws that allow them to climb down trees headfirst.

The Fossa

It is closely related to the dog, not the wolf or fox family. Unlike other dogs that stay in packs, this animal is a loner.

The Maned Wolf

They are known to float upside down while in water. Its blue color blends well with the water making it hidden and unnoticed.

Blue Dragon

This is the arthropod with the largest leg span making it more creepy. At their ultimate height, they stand a whopping two to three feet from the floor.

Spider Crab

A slow loris is said to have a melting eye contact gesture due to its round eyes. They dwell in trees where they mostly hang on branches upside down using their feet.

Slow Loris

Angora is the known hairiest breed of all rabbits. For this reason, they are bred at home for their extra-long smooth wool.

Angora Rabbit

Pacu fish belongs to the piranha family, which is infamous to many. It is a relatively giant creature and has its habitat in the Amazon rivers and other South American waters.

Pacu Fish

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