Trader Joe's Latest Returning Ice Cream Flavor Is Dividing Fans

Trader Joe's has ice cream, so get some next time you're there. One type may be your favorite. However, you may not be impressed. This

may seem odd, but buyers are divided over the brand's Banana Pudding Flavored Ice Cream, which returned to shelves after a sabbatical.

"Trader Joe's Banana Pudding Flavored Ice Cream perfectly recreates a sweet and creamy banana pudding. The product description says the

company adds bite-sized vanilla-flavored wafer cookies to every batch to give it the same textural element as banana pudding at potluck

dessert tables nationwide. Additionally, the ice cream has banana purée and "a rich salted caramel swirl to tie everything else together."

It's too bad not everyone loves this ice cream. On Reddit, one consumer said the food had "a pretty fair banana aroma" and was "really creamy."

However, they thought "there weren't too many of those waffle pieces" and "some slight caramel swirls in some bites, but it's mostly covered

up by the bananas" was good. They rated the ice cream 5/10, adding, "I was satisfied with my meal. I give it a 5—worth a go for anyone seeking distinctive ice cream."

Others commented with happy or dissatisfied remarks. A fan wrote, "12/10! Their greatest ice cream!"

The banana flavor tasted phony, like Laffy Taffy. In the comments, another Redditor stated, "It's not bad, just not good."

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