Trader Joe's Most Famous Cookie Is Finally Back

All those who want Trader Joe's most famous cookie will be rewarded—literally! After months off, the beloved item is back on shelves.

A Reddit user announced the comeback of Trader Joe's Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joe's. Trader Joe's sandwich cookies have long been regarded an Oreo imitation.

This year, users on Reddit reported that Trader Joe's removed the iconic cookies after employees confirmed their discontinuation. Other

Redditors reported they contacted with Trader Joe's employees who indicated the store had taken the product from shelves but would

replace it with a fresh one. To clarify, Trader Joe's sold other Joe-Joe's varieties when Chocolate Vanilla Creme was unavailable.

Sandwich cookies may taste different now that they're back. A Trader Joe's salesperson confirmed that the current Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joes are new.

Trader Joe's said it devised a "new and improved" Joe-Joe's taste since the old cookies "simply weren't matching our expectations."

"So we partnered with a long-time supplier to create a next-generation Joe-Joe worthy of the name."

The updated Joe-Joe's have two crunchy chocolate biscuits with rich cocoa powder and sea salt. Two cookies sandwich vanilla bean-flecked whipped crème.

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