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Why Daydreaming Is Good For You

Evidence says daydreaming boosts creativity. Why do you think of your best ideas while you're not focused?

Increases Creativity

One  study found that daydreaming helps reduce anxiety by distracting the mind from bothersome thoughts.

Decreases Anxiety

The study found that daydreaming about an absent partner improved “increased feelings of love, connection, and belonging.”

Improves Relationships

What about productivity? Take breaks, even if it's to daydream, to be more productive.Next time you're tired or upset at work for not getting much done, take a mental vacation!

Productivity Rises

Daydreaming can also make people happier at work, whether they're anxious about deadlines or not enough time at home.A new study found that letting your mind wander after a difficult meeting makes you feel better at work.

Workplace Mood Boost

Daydreaming can finally help you succeed. Daydreaming (visualizing) can help you reach your goals.

Helps Attain Goals

While there are various advantages to daydreaming occasionally, it is crucial to know that there is such a thing as excessive daydreaming.

Everything In Moderation

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